A Contest! Chocolate! A Chocolate Contest!

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I’m not very good at contests, which is why long time readers of this site have never seen me host one. The way I see it, if I announce a giveaway, there are two possible scenarios: either there’s so little participation (or, even worse, none at all) that I’m left picking a winner from a field of two or three readers whom I probably already know, or there’s a flood of entries, and I have to deal with the pressure of picking one deserving entrant with very little guiding criteria.

Oh, and then there’s the fulfillment aspect of it all, wherein I drive around for weeks with the prize in the trunk of my car and a To Do List that perennially includes the guilt-inducing task “MAIL PRIZE TO CONTEST WINNER”. Did I mention that The Best Food Blog Ever has no interns?

But this time, things are totally different! There’s chocolate involved, for one thing – really good chocolate. And the prize is outstanding, and something that won’t fit in my trunk and that I don’t have to ship. And to enter, all you have to do is click on the graphic that’s at the top of this post. “WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS PRIZE?” I hear all of the Internet exclaim… (the graphic does not do it justice)

Ready? The grand prize, offered by Chuao Chocolatier, is:

A trip for two of you lovely readers to San Diego, California!

And, dinner at The Shores restaurant, which a quick Google reveals to be located right on the beach, offering spectacular views and seasonal dining.

Plus, a private wine and chocolate pairing event with Master Chef Michael Antonorsi.

And just for clicking and entering, you’ll also be eligible to win one of 14 Limited Edition Sweetheart Boxes filled with 22 bonbons or, as is considered in my household, a single serving.

While I will freely disclose that Chuao Chocolatier has sent me review samples of their products for the killer price of zilch, do you know what’s better than getting free chocolate?

Winning it. Beating others to it. Outperforming all of your peers to emerge victorious. Blood in the water is one thing. Chocolate brings the game to a whole new level.

So, here’s my selfish pitch. This contest is only open to readers of certain food blogs and websites, including this one, so the field of potential winners is much smaller than, say, that of a typical soft drink bottle cap sweepstakes. If the winner of the contest happens to have clicked through the link on this blog to enter, I get a $50 credit to stuff my maw with Chuao product. Plus, another $50 credit to give away to one lucky reader (again, this is good because I don’t have to ship it). So, you get a trip to San Diego, dinner, and a private wine/chocolate tasting. I get more chocolate. And someone else gets more chocolate. And still someone else may get bonbons.

I would describe this as a win-win-win situation. All you have to do is click and enter. I believe you can enter as many times as you’d like, once per day, and the contest runs until February 14, 2012. Now go and make me proud with your clickiness.