The Las Vegas Taste Tour: Prologue

Photo Credit: Scott Roeben

The best croissants that I’ve ever had on this side of the Atlantic.  A tour of the kitchen of one of the top French restaurants in America.  Exclusive tastings of the world’s premier champagne and top flight tequilas.  Unprecedented levels of access to executive pastry chefs and chefs de cuisine. A treasure chest made of chocolate and filled with ice cream and cheesecake.  A tower of nachos that would defeat even the most gluttonous of Americans.  A scantily-clad woman, a volcano, and a vat of water.

These are a few of the highlights of four days spent in Las Vegas as invited guests of Caesars Entertainment on their first-ever Taste Tour, a whirlwind array of restaurant visits, cooking demonstrations, and behind-the-scenes peeks at the inner mechanisms of the culinary machine that drives the food service behind 11 properties.

Faced with a stack of business cards, a notepad full of scribbled observations, and a flash drive that’s been thoughtfully packed with professional photos that are much better than anything that I could have ever taken, my task becomes clear: document this adventure for you, the readers of The Best Food Blog Ever.

Over the next few weeks, I beckon you to join me as I share my insight into a world that is rarely seen by most members of the public.  I’ve got a whiteboard that’s overflowing with entry titles, and it’s time to start crossing them off, one by one.