Announcing The Best Food Blog Ever Screensaver

The Best Food Blog Ever Screen Saver is now available!

This project started when I came across a software application that let me build screensavers.  I figured it would be nice to market a screensaver that featured the photos that have appeared on The Best Food Blog Ever, especially since most photos are often used only once to accompany an entry and never appear again in any other context.

I fired up iPhoto, scrolled to the very first photo, and started gathering the best food pictures.  As it turns out, I had been taking pictures of my food well before I began writing about the topic, and when I had finally reached the end of our photo collection, I had tagged well over 300 pictures!  You may recognize some of them from The Best Food Blog Ever, but there are also quite a few notable shots from our trips to Paris and Italy, which occurred years before I even had the idea to start this blog.

With that said, you can download a free trial of the screensaver by clicking here, or by clicking on the graphic on the website.  If you enjoy the photos and would like to continue using the screensaver after the trial period ends, the purchase price is $4.99 99 CENTS.  Once you have completed your purchase, I’ll receive an email with your name, and I’ll send out a registration code which unlocks the full version.