The Great Twitter Experiment, in Which I Interview the Internet About Food

So, I’m going to try something entirely new, experimental, and hopefully fun.  I’ve decided to try to interview the internet on the topic of food, and to accomplish this lofty goal, I will be using Twitter to post the questions.

Here’s the deal – on Monday, I will post the first of a series of questions relating to everyone’s experiences with food, both the cooking and the eating of it.  I’ll collect the responses (you can submit them as @ replies, or direct messages), and pick three or four of the most interesting answers, which will then become part of the interview.  The next day, Tuesday, will bring the second question, and so on.  You can always visit my Twitter profile page to view any questions that you may have missed, and there’s no daily deadline for answers – in other words, if you want to submit a response to Monday’s question, you can do so at any point during the week while I’m still collecting and compiling.

The week after next, I will publish the entire interview in Q and A format, with attribution and links back to the Twitter screen names of the authors of the best responses.  Obviously, this experiment has the greatest chance of success if there’s a lot of participation, so feel free to pass this on to anyone who you think would be interested.