The Big Pig Gig 2008 – Amazingly Awesome Recap Special Edition Episode One Reloaded

Well, that was all flavors of awesome.

First, let me get some much-deserved thanks handed out.  Big thank-you to Ray of Bathtub Brewery, who, in response to the emailed question “Can you draw a pig playing a guitar?” was instrumental (hah!) in creating the illustration that serves as this year’s Big Pig Gig logo.  Whenever you are bored, try going to Hindrances to Progress, read Ray’s comic, and then weep quietly at the premature retirement of one of the greatest comic geniuses of Web 2.0.  Then go to his other site and check out what he’s doing now.  It could be worse, it could be stand-up, and homebrew beer benefits everyone.  So, thanks to Ray for the pig drawing.  It’s a special flavor of awesome.

And, speaking of homebrew beer, a huge round of applause to Tim and Steph of for brewing a special batch of American Pale Ale just for our barbecue.  It was a fantastic brew, an instant classic from the moment I tasted it, and would be my favorite drinking beer if not for the fact that I can’t get it all of the time, so I’ll settle for it being my favorite special occasion beer.  The most amazing thing about the J&D Pale Ale is that it went head to head with a Victory Festbier, and the Pale Ale keg kicked well before the Festbier did.  Overall, everything was balanced perfectly, with the kegs kicking just at the right time, so while we didn’t end up with a lot of unused beer, we also did not run out too early.  Being friends with homebrewers is loads of fun, almost as much fun as a barrel of…

Helper Monkeys! We are forever in debt (or, at least until BPG09) to the Helper Monkeys for playing our basement rock-nook.  We tried to make it as cool and comfy as possible, with rope lights and white Christmas lights strung from the rafters, old couches and folding chairs, and it was a thrill to walk into our basement and see a band playing their hearts out.  Absolutely, utterly, incomparably cool, and the basement easily fit everyone who came to the party, as well as the crowd of people who were hollering and carrying on about…

DRINK-O. Drink-O is like Pachinko, involves a bunch of ping pong balls and a board with screws in it, and hard liquor shots for the losers.  There are a lot of people in pain this morning because of Drink-O, and the jury is still out as to whether we should actually thank our neighbor Vince for constructing this monstrosity.

You’re probably wondering about the food.  Long answer short, we did not run out of food, and at the end of the night (or the early morning beginnings of the next day, if you want to be technical about it) I still had a full rack of ribs and an untouched pork shoulder left.  The crowds attacked the rib and pulled pork pile with wild abandon, which is something that I live to see, especially those folks who have never been to our thing before, and there were several contributions to the appetizer and dessert table (so much so that my beloved buttermilk pies had a total of one taker.  Thanks to whoever you are, and I hoped you liked it – but now I have one and 9/10’s of buttermilk pie to finish).  The pimento cheese was a great hit, as was the gut-killing chili that my coworker always brings every year (he actually purees the habaneros into it so you can’t pick them out, evil man).

The night was so packed with stuff that, by the time I went to bed, I had only eaten a single rib.  It’s kind of like a wedding, where you’re spending so much time walking around and talking to people that you never get a chance to sit down.  That’s what tonight is for, and as I type this, I can already smell the leftover pulled pork as it warms in the oven, along with small tins of almost everything else we served last night.

It’s time for us to eat, so I’ll end this here.  Thanks to everyone for coming and making this such a special night.